Portrayals of Gender in The Metamorphoses


Salvete Omnes! Welcome to our project. The goal of this project is to explore the gendered difference between desire, objectification, and agency in Ovid's The Metamorphoses. In the text, how does gender predetermine agency, and therefore the ability to desire? Who has the social acceptance to desire and be desired? As researchers, we want to understand the representations of gender in an ancient influential text as well as how this informs our understanding of gender, sex, and desire today.

About the Team

This project was completed by Renee Dubaich, Luciana De Jesus, and ShaoQing Cai for Computer Methods in the Humanities, a course taught at the University of Pittsburgh by Dr. David Birnbaum.

Special thanks to Dr. David Birnbaum and the whole instructional team that helped us work through the coursework and produce our project. Special thanks to Charlie Taylor for being our project mentor!